Juvenile Charges Can Derail Your Child's Future If You Are Not Careful

Milford, MA Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Kids make mistakes. It is that simple. That does not mean, however, that they should be punished for the rest of their lives. I am Kevin J. Tagliaferri, Attorney at Law, and I became a juvenile defense attorney after working with troubled children as a case worker because I feel it is necessary to speak up for children who have no power and are in danger of being swallowed by the system.

From my office in Medway, Massachusetts, and in juvenile courts, I defend teens and children who are accused of committing juvenile crimes. I have been a juvenile defense attorney for my entire 14-year legal career, giving me crucial insight into how the system works and how to prevent children from falling through the cracks.

Choose a Lawyer who will fight for your child

Many children do not fully grasp the ramifications of their actions. As their parent, you are likely worried that your child's arrest will harm his or her future. Juvenile charges can affect your child's ability to:

  • Enlist in the military
  • Gain admission to college
  • Obtain student loans
  • Pass a background check for certain types of employment

    I will thoroughly investigate the allegations against your child, listen to his or her side of the story and gather physical evidence. I can use my findings to attempt to keep your child out of juvenile hall.

  • Juvenile Justice Lawyer Invested In Your Child's Future

    I have dedicated my adult life to helping children who need a hand. I will make sure your child gets the help he or she needs, including referrals to counselors, membership in clubs and social services. The goal of the juvenile justice system is to get him or her on the right path, and I will work as hard as I can to make sure that happens.

    Contact my office if your child is facing juvenile criminal charges. I have the experience you and your child need. Call 508-503-1600 to schedule a free consultation.

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